Anodizing Aluminum For Better Products

Published: 15th April 2011
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There are many methods used to give a protective layer to aluminum to make it less corrosive and last longer. Anodizing the metal may make it react less with other substances and thereby making it last long and a better product to use without losing its original property.
During the anodizing process the aluminum oxide changes to aluminum hydrate which is resistant to many chemicals and does not react with acids and alkalis easily thereby rendering a better substance than natural aluminum.
Aluminum is used widely in making several things like airplane body, utensils, architecture, and so on. There are however many kinds of methods used to anodize these metal products. One of the oldest methods uses chromic acid for it. This is used because chromic acid when used produces films that are thinner and are more opaque too. Thus the end product is softer and more ductile. It is harder to dye them therefore before painting any surface they can be used for pretreatment.
It is more environmentally-friendly when anodizing a metal is done as the byproducts are used to make other products like cosmetics, alum, cosmetics, etc. The byproducts like aluminum hydroxide are used in other industries too therefore anodizing aluminum is a cost effective process too. The end product can be customized to your needs too like you can give it a nice matte finish with the color of your choice and also add some logo onto it.
An option of doing the process at home too is available and you can anodize the required metal at home at a small scale. The home kit is not expensive and the end product will be stronger and long lasting therefore any expense for anodizing aluminum products is worthwhile.
Anodizing process is illustrated in basic and simple steps thus you will be able to follow it and do it without much of a hassle and get good results. Also guidelines for giving it a matte finish are given so if you desire to do so you can do it easily and your product will be a unique one.
After an aluminum surface is anodized you get a harder surfaces substance which is more resistant to chemicals. According to the use the thickness of the anodized surface can be decided. Various anodizing substances are used like sulfuric acid, oxalic acid, chromic acid, etc. Thus you get corrosion resistant substances. But there is a drawback due to this process the anodized aluminum may crack with thermal stress.
Hence according to your need the anodizing is done and the maximum benefit is attained and it is also cost effective meaning the money spent on anodizing may be really worthwhile.

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