Automatic Number Identification- Saving Lives

Published: 17th August 2011
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There is little doubt in the fact that science and technology has rapidly improved the quality of life of a common man and has brought him comforts that the people of previous centuries couldn’t have even dreamed of. One such technology which has been excellent in helping people and in some cases, saving their lives is the Automatic Number Identification (ANI) technology.

Introduction to ANI Technology

Inward Wide Area Telephone Service (WATS) is the basic mastermind behind ANI technology. It helps in knowing about the information of the caller that is calling you as the ANI is built to identify the caller ID of the caller. The best thing about it is the fact that you can’t block ANI from recognizing your caller ID as it simply can’t be blocked.

One thing that needs to be kept in mind about Automatic Number Identification is that it can only recognize the numbers which call on distinctive phone numbers like 888,800 or similar numbers.

Uses of Automatic Number Identification

It is important to note that there are many benefits and advantages of the Automatic Number Identification Service.

• Whenever, somebody dials 911 from their telephone, ANI recognizes their caller ID and gives the receiver information about the telephone number which is then submitted to the subscriber database of the telephone company to get the physical address of the caller. In this way, the receiver knows it beforehand as to which would be the best emergency center to refer the call to where the caller can explain his emergency and get help quickly. 911 is an excellent service which saves many lives every year due to its quick processing capabilities which leads to quicker connection with the nearest emergency center who remain ever ready to launch rescue operations.

• The distinctive numbers with ANI enabled technology are used by businessmen to know about which kind of people like their products and so they can evaluate their business’ situation better.

• Detectives have used these technologies as well to get hold of thieves and other kidnapped people. They mostly send postcards having their special numbers like 888, 800 etc and when the people call on these numbers, their name and address gets known which makes it easier for the detectives to get hold of them.

Thus, ANI proves to be a life saver in some cases and is sometimes helpful in upholding law which makes it an excellent technology.

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