Bad Pool Header: The Blue Screen Error

Published: 15th April 2011
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The Bad Pool Header is a type of blue screen error that occurs on Windows Operating System. It happens when Windows fails to allocate memory and detects some serious problems and malfunction. The Bad Pool Header error is basically Operating System error that happens due to the error in hardware, software or driver and the Windows OS fails to cope with it.

Because of this, the complete operating system eventually shuts down and the information about the cause of this problem is then displayed on a blue screen. For this reason, this problem is called "Blue Screen of Death (BSOD).

However, this is not too serious a problem to bother about. It is just glitch in the system and the simple remedy is a soft reboot of your computer.

Step By Step Method to Solve Bad Pool Header Error

1. First, press the F8 function key to start the computer in Windows Safe Mode. You have to perform some steps to narrow down the problem.

2. Update all the system drivers, significantly those used for chipset and SATA controllers because they are the most common cause for this problem.

3. Run the Windows latest service packs available through Windows Updates to ensure that your system is fully updated with the latest Windows OS.

4. Check for any software installations that are not compatible with Windows because this may be the reason for this error.

5. To repair any errors on the hard disk, run the CHKDSK utility. It can be found in the "tools" menu in the "properties" in Windows Explorer in the "start" menu.

6. Go to the Windows Control panel and select the "System Restore" utility and run it to restore the computer to its earlier state.

7. If the BSOD error continues, you have to go back to the Windows installation for reinstallation. This can be done by booting into the safe mode on the desktop.

There are chances that the error still persists. Perhaps, the problem appears much bigger. The simple reboot of your computer will not solve the problem. Instead, the error keeps appearing and it will worsen the problem if we resort to continues reboot of the machine.

In such a case, the option is to repair the Windows Registry. For this, you can buy registry cleaner software. It will help you clean the Windows Registry by slowing down the further Registry corruption. The cleaner will take less than two minutes to scan the Registry. It will fix the error, speed up the computer and the Internet, solve the problems with the installation and un-installation of programs and analyze all the missing and obsolete files.

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