Balun: A Device Used For Conversion Of Signals

Published: 15th April 2011
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A type of transformer that converts electrical signals that is balanced to unbalanced ones and vice versa is known as balun. There may be many kinds of baluns but they always use electromagnetic coupling for the operation of specific magnitude. With the invention of balun the communication has transformed and you can see them being used in practice in various fields that use electrical signals for transfer of data.

Various kinds of baluns are found to be used today. The kinds of balun are autotransformer type, classical transformer type, transmission-line transformer type, etc. Each kind has different uses and differs in structure too. Some are simple in nature while the others are a bit complex because of the nature of its application may be. An alternative to balun is also found and it is an RF choke.

Balun has a main function and it is to achieve compatibility between systems. In the modern times it finds use in communications like making frequency conversion to make mobile phone and the data transmission therein possible. Also it finds use in converting one kind of carrier signal to another kind of cable signal.

Other applications are in the transmission of signals in the television and radio. Here the balun convert balanced signals to unbalanced signals thereby making the transfer possible and for better transmission it is preferred over other alternatives.

Television receiver, FM broadcast receiver, dipole antenna, etc. are the balanced signals, whereas the co-axial network, co-axial antenna system, etc. are the unbalanced type of signals. Converting one form to the other makes use of balun here. Many such uses are found in various other fields too.

Baluns can provide impedance transformation too. This will depend on the input and the output signals of the process. For optimum efficiency of the function of balun it must have a load with impedance that shows no reactance. These are termed as purely resistive impedances and are generally used for all practical purposes. It is found that the so called balanced terminals are connected to the unbalanced system.

For all practical purposes one of the terminals of the balanced pair is connected to the ground and the other to the element of the active system. This cannot be called a true balun as the input and output signals are unbalanced. But not all work in this fashion and each manufacture will give you the specifications for use however. Thus with the conversion of signals you can transfer data successfully.

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