Becoming a Promotional Model: Qualifications Your Will Need

Published: 07th September 2011
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Promotional models are synonymously known as brand ambassadors or spokesmodels. These are basically models that promote products or services of a company, so that people will learn about the product or service, and hopefully, boost sales in return.
If you would like to become a promotional model, here are the qualifications that are looked highly upon by promotional modeling agencies.

To start off, to become a promotional model, one does not actually need to have a degree. However, having some prior sales experience will be useful, especially when it comes to promoting products or services. With experience, promotional modeling agencies will not need to train the models from scratch. They will also need to have good looks to attract customers. Some will require a certain age group depending on the target customers, although people mainly prefer hiring those under the age of 30. Other qualifications that are looked for depends on the product or service, for example, if it is a skin care product being promoted, a promotional model who has clear, flawless skin will best suit the job.

Personality is also an important factor to take into account. The best personality of a promotional model is that they are patient, outgoing, exciting, and enthusiastic. These traits are important because with sales, there are a lot of times when people would choose to ignore you or are simply shy; so if they get turned down, they do not become disheartened and will proceed with the next customer with glee. These traits are also more likeable, and it shows that the models are excited to promote the product or service because they appear to believe in them.

The job of a promotional model goes beyond calling out for attention. They are also required to know the product or service they are promoting, such as the cost, history, contents, benefits, and so on. Only when a customer gets an answer to their questions, they will be able to decide on buying the product or service.

During work, they are expected to behave in a friendly and outgoing manner, without forgetting to keep their words decent and polite. Especially for brand ambassadors whom represent a specific product or service, they are in a way the face of the brand. Hence, they are expected to behave in a way that shows a positive attitude of the company. Last but not least, they should also avoid doing things that will damage the reputation of the brand, like drinking alcohol, eating, use harsh words, or use their mobile phones while they are on the job.

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