Duties and Responsibilities of Promotional Models

Published: 07th September 2011
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One of the perks about being a promotional model is that you can get lucrative pay if you do well with your job, and you do not actually need to spend on being attaining qualifications for it. However, it is not a job any promotional model agency will simply hire. It is a job that in a way makes the model a representation of the brand they are promoting. And if you are hired, here are some of the general duties and responsibilities a promotional model will need to fulfill, which also varies according to the brand you are promoting, and the event.

Product sampling
Whether it is a new or old product, being introduced or reintroduced to the public is a way to call out to people of the productís existence. When the attention is there, the promotional model will grasp the chance to let people sample the products to let the customer decide on whether the product is worth the buy or not. The idea is to give non-risk taking customers an answer to the thought of "if this product does not suit my taste, I would have wasted money buying it", which actually aids their decision then.

Learning about the product
Like customers who learn from the models, the promotional models will need to get their knowledge from somewhere. This is where they are responsible of attaining as much information about the product so that they can educate their customers about it.

Information mining
Occasionally, the purpose of the booth is to find out about the customerís awareness or perspectives about the product. The models will need to distribute questionnaires or collect verbal feedbacks. This is usually important for companies to make marketing decisions as the customers are the ones who help them generate their revenue through sales.

Maintaining a good look and personality
If you have the looks and personality, a promotional modeling agency is likely to hire you. However, your responsibility does not end there. Even if they are born with good looks, it is important for the models to maintain their good looks by being neat, tidy, and hygienic. Personality-wise, they should remain a cheerful, outgoing attitude that brightens up peopleís day. Because promotional models represent a brand, they will need to keep up the positive look. No one wants to buy a brand that relates to sloppiness.

Product attention
It is true that good looks and personality is important, but that should not be the main focus of any promotional model. The models are instead supposed to be able to draw the publicís attention to the product that they are promoting. With that said, they should also wear a uniform that does not overpower the image of the brand.

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