How to Make the Cut as a Promotional Model

Published: 07th September 2011
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If you are interested in becoming a promotional model, there are some steps necessary to become one. It is not as easy as going to promotional modeling agencies or hope that someone from an agency spots you. Like any other jobs, there is some effort required before you can make the cut as a promotional model. Here are things you should do to achieve this dream.

Before anything else, you will need to create a resume. Start with photos of yourself. The types of photos you will need are headshots, shots, and full body shots. It is better to get your pictures professionally taken, because your pictures will help agencies decide on whether you are cut for the job. If you cannot get your shots professionally taken, make sure that they are clear and lighting is properly lit. Then, for your resume, list the experiences you have had, including sales experiences. If you do not have any experiences whatsoever, you can list the qualities that make you a good promotional model.

Next, be sure to research on the promotional modeling agencies that are available in which you can register with. To find for a free list of these, you can make a search query on the Internet for a list of the agencies. Instead of registering with only one agency, you can register with multiple agencies to increase your chances of having an opening for you. You will usually receive a notice from the database if there is an opening in your area.

A job notice will include the description of the job and type of product or service to promote for, the criteria needed, and the required attire. They will also indicate the venue, date, and time of the job, as well as the pay. Read through the details and see if you agree with the job and the criteria. If you are interested and agree with the requirements, you can apply for the job. The job notice will indicate the details you will need to send to apply for the position. Some of the details that are usually asked for are your full name, address, contact number, e-mail address, photos, and promotional modeling resume.

After submitting the information, keep checking your e-mail for the next couple of days to see if you have been selected. Note that if you do not receive anything after one week, it probably means that you did not make the cut. However, if you do receive the e-mail, you will need to read through the details and then send your confirmation e-mail. You will need to have a prior meeting to learn about the product you are promoting before the event itself. Remember that if you make the cut, do your best to prove that you were a wise choice. Only this way, you can build up on your resume as a promotional model.

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