How to Reset Hotmail Password

Published: 17th August 2011
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There are instances that you may need to change your Hotmail password. One reason could be that you have forgotten it and you need to retrieve and reset it. Another reason is that sometimes other people gets hold of your password and therefore may have hacked your account. This is the reason why it is advisable that you periodically change your password.
Retrieve before you can Reset Hotmail Password
To reset hotmail password, one important thing is that you know your current password. If you can’t remember your Hotmail password, then you must first retrieve it.
• Go to Hotmail
• Click on Forgot your Password on the sign-in form
• You will be redirected to a new page wherein you will be asked to enter an alternate e-mail address
• Click Continue
• You will need to open your alternate email as a mail containing the details on your request will be sent there.
• A new page will open wherein you will need to enter your Hotmail ID and the new password; retype the new password for confirmation.
• Click Continue
• The Hotmail login page will open again and you can now login with your new password.
Changing your Hotmail Password
If you still know your Hotmail password and you just want to reset it here are the instructions:
• Sign in to Windows Live Hotmail Account
• Click on your name located at the right top corner of your Windows Live Page home page.
• Select Account from the list that will pop out
• If you are asked to sign in again, login with your current ID and password
• Click on Change in the Account Summary under the Password reset information heading
• On the new screen, you need to enter your old password
• Then type in the new password and retype it for confirmation
• Click Save to save the new Hotmail password
• The Hotmail sign in page will return and you can then login with your Hotmail ID and new password
You must be aware that when you reset Hotmail password, you also change your password for your Windows Live Account and Windows Live Messenger (MSN).
The following steps show in detail how to change your Hotmail password when you already know your current password. It is important to note that changing your Hotmail password will change your password for all of Windows Live personalized services, such as Windows Live Messenger or MySpace.

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