Types of Brisbane Carports – Which one is Best?

Published: 12th August 2011
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Carports are becoming the preferred mode of shielding one’s vehicle from the elements of weather. This is because most houses constructed nowadays do not have an inbuilt garage or the homeowner occupied a house that did not have a garage and now he has a car but does not need to construct a whole garage.
Brisbane carports are easy to setup and can be put up in less than a day. They also do not require a lot of manpower to erect one. Actually one can setup his carport as a do it yourself project. In addition, the popularity of carports has also increased because they are a cheaper alternative to building a garage, while they are just as effective, if not more.
One of the things that one should consider before setting up a carport is the material that the chosen carport is made of. The material used will dictate among other things the cost, portability and integrity of the carport. Each material also determines the design and styles that can be formed out of it. Some materials are easy to craft into multiple designs while others are a bit restrictive.
• Polyester Brisbane carports: One of the cheapest materials used in the making of Brisbane carports is polyester. Carports made from polyester, or its derivative polyethylene, is light and therefore highly portable. They are also easy to take part and assemble. This combination makes them popular among persons who are constantly moving. The downside with polyester carports is that they are not strong enough to withstand heavy debris and they are also not long lasting.
• Aluminum carports: Aluminium is a light metallic material. Thus carports made from aluminium are sturdy enough to provide a higher standard of protection than that offered by polyester carports. Because of the light ness, these carports are also easy to move from one place to another whenever there is need. The downside is that they are not easy to fold into compact sizes, hence are bulky. In terms of price, aluminium carports are somewhere in between.
• Steel carports: Carports made from steel are the most durable of the three types. They also provide the best protection to your car, from all elements of weather. However, steel is quite heavy therefore unsuitable for constant movements. It is also quite hard to set up and may require additional assistance to put up. Steel carports are also the most expensive to acquire.

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